The 2023 season is upon us!!!

Our scheduled open date is...

April 28th. 

​We will not have electricity in our campground for the 2023 season! 







Online booking is not available yet

​We here at Glacier Lodge are looking forward to a great 2023 season and can't wait to get back up the mountain. Our tentative opening date is April 28, just in time for Fishmas; as long as the snow welcomes us!   

If you have a reschedule from a previous season, please....text us at 760-938-2837 to schedule.

THANK YOU to all of our guests past, present, and future for hanging with us, supporting us, and especially for being patient with us while we work towards opening.

Glacier Lodge holds a special place in Darrin's heart, and many guests share this love. Darrin and I did not purchase Glacier Lodge to become wealthy. We purchased Glacier Lodge because Darrin grew up here. Caught his first fish here. My kids caught their first fish here. I didn't relocate my entire OC life to purchase a lodge with RUSTIC 2STAR accommodations and an unaccommodating campground as a last-ditch effort to price gouge people so that we could end up on Forbes wealthiest list. Both Darrin and I still need to work off season ventures. With that being stated...Glacier Lodge is not exempt from the staffing difficulties and increased operating costs that almost all businesses are experiencing...which we "took like a champ" and rode out the 2021 and 2022 seasons hoping for some kind of correction. As we head into our 2023 season, we may adjust pricing as needed. We really do not want to increase prices and I can assure you we will only do so when necessary. 


Our cabins date back to the 1932 Winter Olympics. After the1932 Olympics ended, most were sold for transport out of the country, but a few ended up here at Glacier Lodge. The cabins were initially a dry spot to rest a weary head. But over the years, bathrooms and kitchens have been added, fixed, leveled, and fixed again. Our cabins are still 90+ years old rustic cabins with tilting frames and unlevel floors. We still have mice and snakes. We are still on the bazillion years old septic system. While this is a beautiful piece of history that we are proud to be a part of, please understand that our cabins are very rustic, cozy, and not 5 star accommodations. We are a small, family owned business and we do all the housekeeping and repairs ourselves. Please manage your expectations. 

So, if you're the type of person that likes to leave reviews of whether you think it's worth it or not based on your opinion, WE ARE NOT FOR YOU! If you stay here because we are seriously the coolest people, have great BBQ, spectacular views, maybe a comfy mattress (which may also be a matter of opinion) and hot water (most of the time) after a long hike-we be your people! 

Elevate your spirits and your taste buds! Enjoy fishing the outdoors until you get hungry for some award winning BBQ and homemade fixings.  

Stay in our home away from home rustic cabins. Bring the family for an amazing adventure, or the significant other for a romantic getaway.

The Jewel Of The Sierra

Glacier Lodge is an equal opportunity employer. We operate under special use permit with the United States Forest Service

This is our Kid's Fish First trout pond. That means any of our anglers under 16 get priority fishing for stocked rainbow trout, but it is open to all.  We have a full service tackle shop with poles, bait and tackle.   Picnic, fish, BBQ and create memories


Glacier Lodge hosts Weddings, Banquets, Corporate Retreats and Special Events. We offer lodging, catering, and event planning for 2 to 200 people. Now booking for 2023!

Glacier Lodge

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