We offer cabins in all shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any family. We also have a campground for the people who enjoy camping in their tent or RV.


Inside the store we offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and your taste buds are sure to dance with delight any time of the day.


Enjoy a day of relaxing down by our stocked trout pond, which is the perfect spot for the little anglers in the family to experience the thrill of reeling in their own fish. If cooking your catch isn't your cup of tea, bring it by our store to be cooked for a perfect trout dinner.

WIFI now available near the General Store for $5 per person, per day

A small touch of civilization at the edge of wilderness...


Glacier Lodge



Cabins, camping, fishing, hiking, family

     Established in 1917, Glacier Lodge, nestled at 8,000 feet on Big Pine Creek, has always been  the gateway to some of the best hiking, fishing, hunting and climbing in the country. And as the new owners, we are here to help you with whatever experience you desire.

     Up here, Silence. It's the first thing you hear after you take a deep breath of mountain air, filling your lungs deeply with the healthy pine scent and letting it out slowly. You can hear the sweet breeze through the pine trees and feel it's coolness on your bare skin. You see into forever, and the mountains soar toward the bluest blue sky you've ever seen. If you choose to rough it with us in the winter, you will experience a brisk cold, howling winds and often light snowflakes covering the ground. Campfires are cozy as you sit outside and enjoy the scenery. After all, you are here to enjoy the outdoors.....right??

     In 1998, an electrical fire burned the main lodge to the ground. It was a great loss for all of us. This was one of many fires that has plagued mountain resorts in years past. We are planning on rebuilding the Majestic Glacier Lodge as early as 2021. In the meantime, 8 cabins remain open for rental and allow easy access to the beautiful high country.

     We look forward to hearing from you and visiting with you when you arrive. Pets, including cats are welcome, and campfires, if used carefully, are allowed in the pits outside each cabin.

Glacier Lodge is about getting away from it all. It's about enjoying all the little things life has to offer. We make sure all of our guests are comfortable, and are having the time they deserve.

We treat Glacier Lodge as our home, and you will feel the family energy immediately upon arrival.