North Fork, Big Pine Canyon

This is a hike of up to 19 miles which accesses the Big Pine lakes and the Palisades Glacier.

The North Fork trail follows the Big Pine creek, weaving among lodgepole pine, aspen and jeffrey pine with some switchbacks, passing a stone cabin built by movie actor Lon Chaney.

The trail takes hikers to Lakes 1 through 7. Third Lake is fed directly from the Palisade Glacier, causing it to be a milky turquoise color. Temple Crag  looms over the trail and can be seen before one even reaches the first lake. 

Mileages from the trailhead (one-way):

First Lake - 4.5 miles/9900'

Second Lake - 4.8 miles/10,000'

Third Lake - 5.5 miles/10,400' 

Fourth Lake - 6.5miles/10,750' 

Palisade Glacier - 9 miles/12,400'

South Fork, Big Pine Canyon

This trail takes hikers to

Willow Lake at 4 miles/9600'

Brainard Lake at 5 miles/10,650' 

The trail is more exposed than the North Fork and gives access to the Middle Palisade Glacier.


Best hiking in the Eastern Sierra!!

Sites 1 - 6: 

Accomodate RVs or tents and have water and 120v electricity but no sewer. 
Sites 7 - 10:

Are set aside for RVs and have full sewer hook-up and 120 v. Our electrical does NOT support microwaves, Air Conditioning, or any appliance with a large electrical draw. If you use these, you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.  Please bring a generator if needed

Site 8 :
The only pull-through site 

2019 Rates (reservations recommended)

Sites 1,2,3-----$55 per night (RV and Trailer)

Sites 3.5, 4, 5, 6, --------$38 per night (tent only)

Sites 7,8,9,10----------$65 per night( RV and Trailer) 

Boulder Site-----------$125 per night.

Boulder Campsite  accommodates larger groups up to 14 max , very open site, flat, close to Sat Night BBQ and Karaoke( if available), parking is avail for 2 vehicles very close-to or on-site depending how much room you need for tents and gear, additional vehicles can park in our lot at a cost of $15 per vehicle per night. $125 per night

Holiday rates are $15 per night higher and require a 3 night reservation.
​​Prices are based on per site, per night.

RV, Trailer, and Camping Information


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are served most of day out of the General Store.

From the huge breakfast burritos, thick juicy burgers, and our scrumptious pulled pork bbq sandwiches, all of our food is fresh and made to order, and there are plenty of delicious options for everyone's liking. Room Service Available!!!

​Don't forget to ask for our famous Root Beer Floats!!

Glacier Lodge

Lakes 1,2,and 3


Big Pine Creek runs right alongside the road, affording easy vehicle access for anglers. At road's end (just beyond where the turn-off to Glacier Lodge is posted ), the creek flows north and south into the backcountry.

The California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife stocks Big Pine Creek from Sage Flat Campground to Glacier Lodge, and the Glacier Lodge pond, with rainbow trout about every 3 weeks. The 2021 stocking schedule will be less. Contact CDFW for additional questions.

We also have a fish cleaning station located next to our general store.

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Lon Chaney's cabin

Major peaks in the area:                                       Temple Crag  12,999 FT.
Mt. Sill  14,162 FT.
Polemonium Peak  14,000 FT.
North Palisade  14,242 FT.
Thunderbolt Peak  14,000 FT.
Mt. Winchell  13,768 FT.
Mt. Agassiz  13,891 FT.
Split Mountain  14,058 FT.

These sites are level but located on a fairly steep hill to access. Sites #1 -#6 are located along the left side of a road. Site #1 is at the bottom of the hill, Site #6 is at the top of the hill. On the right side of the road, site #10 is located at the bottom of the hill, Site #7 is located at the top of the hill. 

RV and tent camping areas have access to a restroom with a flush toilet.

Check in at the General Store and sign paperwork. Check-in time is 3:00 pm for cabins, 12:00 for campsites. Check-out time is 11:00am

Fishing the Lakes

The North Fork Big Pine Creek trail will take you to:

A string of (7) Big Pine Lakes - ele. 9975, contains brooks, browns and rainbows.

Lake 7 also has goldens.
Black lake - ele. 10,690 brooks, browns and rainbows.
Hidden Lake - ele. 10,700 goldens
Sam Mack Lake - ele. 12,000 rainbows

The South Fork Big Pine Creek trail will take you to:

Willow Lake - ele. 9600, brooks and rainbows
Brainard Lake
Finger Lake
Lake Eleanor